BJ Engelbrecht

I am an artist and academic whose main creative and theoretical interest is in sound and its relationship to time and space, particularly within the complex urban environment of Johannesburg.

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All of the Most Current Metaphors of Human Existence, All at Once #2

It might be better to be a mysticist than an armchair naturalist. Is there life after death? It just seems that the former is needed much more right now. Thus aliens exist.

Question: What are the chances that there is life on other planets?

Answer: Ten to the power of six.

I prefer the armchair, would we not stop smelling the roses otherwise? Not to mention that I’d shit my pants if I saw an alien, whether it was peaceful or not. Just the thought makes me shiver.

To value one’s own life is to understand life abound. Am I incorrect? 

Nevertheless. There are two simple realisations here. Its a tree that might seem obvious and, what do you hear? 


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