BJ Engelbrecht

I am an artist and academic whose main creative and theoretical interest is in sound and its relationship to time and space, particularly within the complex urban environment of Johannesburg.

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All of the Most Current Metaphors of Human Existence, All at Once #2

It might be better to be a mysticist than an armchair naturalist. Is there life after death? It just seems that the former is needed much more right now. Thus aliens exist. Question: What are the chances that there is life on other planets? Answer: Ten to the power of six. I prefer the armchair, would […]

Four Clockwise Tones

Four Clockwise Tones (2020), is a short animation loop that illustrates some of my recent explorations in alternative modes of notation for sound work. It can be read in many different ways: one module to the next, one row at a time or from four central points that spiral outward. The aim is that the […]

Rain Study #3 (Random Number Generator)

Rain Study #3 is based on a series of recordings that I made over the course of the rainy season in Johannesburg. It is probably rare that I work from a score, as you will hear in my other work where I usually aim to document a series of environmental instances in a very realistic […]

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